Morgan Penn, a character I designed.

What does "ehlihr" mean?

Basically when I was 14 I had the bright idea to create a "unique brand name" and ended up with: my initials (eh), the second two letters of my name (li) and the first and last letters of my last name (hr). Thus, the name "ehlihr" was born.

How do you pronounce that, though?

However you want. I say eh (like Canadians do, eh) lehr (like "learn" but without the "n").

What are your specs and programs?

I use a Cintiq Companion 2 with 512GB, 16GB of RAM, and an i7 core processor. It still lags if my file is big enough, but honestly it's pretty great.

I use Photoshop CC, and haven't tried other programs extensively. I like using MS paint sometimes, Paint Tool SAI has never worked for me.

What brush set do you use?

Loish's Brush Set is my life and blood. I've recently started using that Kyle guy's gouache set.

Can I use your art for ___?

If it's not a commission, and you credit me, go for it!