Commission Info

Unless a Due Date is provided, a 2-5 week wait period for completion is to be expected. payment through paypal only.

Send your request!

What should you include?

For me to do a commission for you, I need:

  • The size (bust, half body, or full body)
  • The style (sketch, coloured, or painting)
  • The number of characters (can be in different styles)
  • Photo reference and/or detailed physical descriptions of character, poses or facial expressions
  • If necessary, a due date

You can ask for a combination as well; it doesn't necessarily need to be one consistent style!

Feel free to ask about anything not listed, or for further examples.

Payments through paypal invoice only.



Loose, simple sketches ideal for simple designs and budgets.

Coloured Sketch

Lively and solidly coloured, simple, and expressive.


Vibrant, detailed digital paintings, with a soft look.


Add depth and detail, or further emphasize the mood of a piece.


A brightly coloured and stylized image of nature.


A fun, varied image showcasing action and interaction.