Tutoring Young Children in the arts

How does it work?

Who do I tutor?

Young kids who love the arts. Usually, kids that are into animated films or illustrated stories that enjoy art class and drawing or doodling in their spare time!

Why Tutoring?

Having a tutor means developing skills that already exist and growing the potential of a child to a tangible skill. Drawing allows for the development of critical thinking and analysis of the world that surrounds us, an often forgotten skill.

The Benefits of Mentorship

Having a mentor is valuable in furthering the experience of a child in any field. It provides a tangible role model to allow for the development of an apprentice-teacher relationship at an early age.

Diversified Work

Children tend to have a wide array of interests in their youth, before focusing down. While encouraging a focus, it's important to encourage a wide array of skills to ensure the best chance for success in the arts.

My Structure

In one hour, a student will spend thirty minutes on my prescribed "agenda", based on what I believe is important to develop for that week. Once we've finished our lesson, the youth may choose to go further for another thirty minutes, or work on their own goal with my guidance on how to achieve that goal. This can include drawing specifc characters or types of characters, colour usage, or industry-specific discussion.

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