Phillipa Fairuza Gets Fractured!, 2023 Phillipa “Pip” Fairuza gets possessed by a demon in a summoning gone wrong, and her and her friends must do whatever it takes to exorcise her in time for their history test. A 63-page comic and my Sheridan narrative capstone project. Read the full comic here.

Move In Day, 2022
Nod, a vampire with a werewolf (Foley) and warlock (Fayrouz) for roommates recounts a chance meeting with a fairy that sends the whole household into a panic.

Tenant, 2022
A woman deals with an unwanted tennant in her home.

The Shepherd & The Boy, 2022
A boy meets a shepherd deep in the woods, and has a long conversation.

Self Reflection, 2022
Comic completed for a science fiction narrative class. Original work.

Single Page Comics, 2021-2022


When not collecting fun earrings or playing dungeons and dragons, Elisar is telling weird and funny stories with their illustrations, using bold colours and stark lines.

Hons. B.A. Illustration - 2023
Sheridan College

Art Fundamentals - 2019
Sheridan College

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